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Below are some comments from hundreds of our satisifed customers around the world.

"Your website is fantastic as it is so easy to set up and you can totally customise your wedding registry to exactly what you need and want.

A great way for overseas guests as well!

Highly recommended!"

Josh & Meg (wedding couple)

Registry: Josh & Meg's Wedding

New Zealand
"Since we are an "older" bride and groom who have many of the "usual" items you find on your typical wedding registries, we were searching for something different.

We were looking to find one that didn't require us to "specify" every aspect of our "Honeymoon Fund" or "identify" every piece of furniture we plan to buy when we furnish our new home.

your website allowed us to create a registry without requiring specific dollar amounts aimed toward any one aspect of our honeymoon or any specific piece of furniture we plan to buy in the future.

This allows our guests to make any kind of cash contribution that fits their budget, yet lets them feel like they are making a direct contribution to a "little bit" of our new married life together."

Nancy & Bill (wedding couple)

Registry: Nancy and Bill's Wedding

United States
"I just want to say that your wishing well was an answer to our prayers.

I'm a freelance musician, travelling and working in Asia for about 3 years, and my fiance is a recording artist/producer.

We have been flying to and from multiple countries for about 2 years now, staying only in one place for about 1 - 1.5 months each time, so we basically don't have a place to call home just yet.

Your brilliant website is a great way for us to communicate our wishes without sticking our hands out for monetary gifts, or offending any guests by not taking their gifts along with us.
Thanks so much!"

"We had fun putting it together, and the good thing was that it was so quick and easy.

Your website gave us the confidence to ask our guests for unusual wedding experiences that we could enjoy on our honeymoon together. We already own many of the traditional wedding gifts, and we wanted to do something different. The gift registry was such a success; we even had to add more 'experiences' before the wedding because there wasn't any gifts left to contribute to!

Colin and I loved using your website for putting together our wedding registry. Colin was especially happy because he didn't have to get dragged into a department store for hours while we tried to put together a list of things we didn't particularly need.

Instead we got to have our guests contribute to parts of our honeymoon and other special items that we were really going to treasure, and our guests really felt like they were helping us pay for things that were special.

We had a lot of positive comments from our guests, and it was such a hassle-free and fun process - thanks very much to your whole team."

Janette & Colin (wedding couple)

Registry: Col & Netti's Wedding

"We are happy to highly recommend the gift registry following our experiences with this online service and the prompt response by the company to some of our thoughts and suggestions.

We were looking for an alternative to the normal wedding registry approach as we were both well-established in our own homes prior to getting married and wished to nominate wedding gifts made up of life experiences and adventures, some of which we were keen to undertake in Africa on our honeymoon. After undertaking research of a number of on-line options, we chose your website on the basis that it best allowed us to present our registry to our friends and family as a story of pictures and content. Overall, it provided us with the features that mattered most.

Further to the features that were already available, we also had a number of suggestions to allow a little more flexibility in the way our guests would experience and view the registry, and we submitted these via email. We received a prompt response from Joe and were able to have a very open and informative conversation with him about our thoughts. We were also running short of time (as most people would relate to in organizing a wedding and everything catching up on you) and therefore time to implement was in short supply. Joe was very attentive to our suggestions, understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and gave us an undertaking to get back to us promptly to let us know whether it could be achieved in the short time frame we had. He didn't furnish false promises, as the changes involved some global changes to web site layout.

The staff delivered all of our suggestions within a week and met all of our suggestions perfectly. We were not only impressed with what they initially delivered as a product, but even more so in their personalized service, attentiveness and prompt action to feedback and suggestions that left them well out in front of similar services."

Ian and Jodie (Wedding)

Registry: Jodie & Ian's Wedding

"Overall love the site and the idea.

Just what we would have been after for our wedding actually, way back when ... but now it will come in handy for our impending arrival"

Victoria & Tony (parents having a baby)

Registry: Victoria & Tony's Baby

"Your website is a unique registry.

I would recommend to everyone!

Its a fun way to get your friends and family things that they ACTUALLY want, and even better then that it saves your friends and family the hassle and time of standing in long lines."

Caryn (organising a surprise birthday for her sister Tracy)

Registry: Tracy goes to Vegas

United States
"I have just set up a wishing well for our school fund raiser. Thank you very much, what a fantastic idea!

Isla Bank Primary School is a small rural primary school in Southland, New Zealand. The school is a wonderful place for our Children to begin their education - the heart of our small rural community.

In 2007 we are looking to upgrade some of our facilities. Because we have only a small school roll, we are unable to fund raise all the money we need ourselves. We are holding community events as well, but now with technology when we appeal to the wider community to donate to our cause, we can in fact make it a global appeal.

Thank You for creating this wonderful site.

Your assistance to us in our fund raiser for our school and our children has been invaluable."

Jeanine (running a fundraiser for their school)

Registry: Isla Bank School Fundraiser.

New Zealand
"Your website is absolutely wonderful.

My fiance and I had some major problems deciding how we would bring gifts from our U.S. wedding back to Spain, and provided a perfect solution by allowing our guests to buy gifts for us online - they can even use Euros!

I highly recommend this website. Chao!"

Kelley & Angel (wedding couple)

Registry: Kelley and Angel's Wedding

"We found the system straight forward and easy to use"

Geoff (Wedding Guest)

"Worked well, thank you."

Melanie (Wedding Guest)

"Your website has been just fantastic - we absolutely love it!

We selected our photo, and a quote, and it was great to have a link to some wording options so we could have the right words for our special occasion.

Setting up our registry was easy and fun (almost like window shopping, but better!), but best of all has been the ease of use for our family based on three different continents, and the excellent customer service support and advice.

It's made our wedding so much more exciting, and less stressful.

Thank you!"

Shannan & Ryk (wedding couple)

Registry: Shannan and Ryk's Wedding

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